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January 12, 2018


The OTOS programme—for Observation de la Terre Optique Super-résolue (super-resolution optical Earth observation)—is preparing the next generation of Earth-observation and military satellites

The OTOS technology demonstrator programme is preparing the technologies needed for the future very-high-resolution Earth-observation programme that is set to take over from Pleiades and for the follow-on to the CSO military satellite programme.

After first identifying disruptive technologies geared towards enabling a step change in cost and performance, OTOS is now conceiving ground demonstrators to take these technologies to the next level of maturity, thus retiring as much risk as possible before launching the programme.

Specifically, the aim is to develop innovative and critical technologies to readiness levels of TRL4 to TRL5 (on a scale of 9) for future military and Earth-observation missions, while also pursuing the goal of giving French industry a competitive edge in future export markets.

As prime contractor for the OTOS programme, CNES is tasked with:

  • Executing activities concerning system, satellite and payload components, leading to the definition of demonstrator specifications
  • Supervising demonstrators
  • Providing oversight

The French defence procurement agency DGA is actively partnering the programme and providing funding.

The aviation industry is involved in production and testing.